JSE Electrical will help you with all your domestic electrical needs. We service all of Melbourne's south east and surrounding suburbs. JSE Electrical is committed to providing you with excellent value for money, backed by a high level of personalised service. We firmly believe in ensuring you remain a satisfied, lifetime client. JSE Electrical offer the following domestic services:

Mains & switchboard upgrades

JSE Electrical offer safe and reliable switchboard upgrades & switchboard replacements. Your family's safety is paramount and important to us and as such we upgrade electrical switchboards using only the most up to date panel materials, safety switches, circuit breakers and surge protectors in the market.
The benefits of upgrading to a modern switchboard are:
- it can help protect your home from fire and add additional safety protection not present on older panels.
- an upgraded mains and switchboard panel can also increase the capacity of your home's electrical supply.
JSE Electrical can assist you in upgrading your home's existing mains and switchboard panels to the latest in switchboard panel technology ensuring safety and the quality of your electrical supply to your home. We can help you with a professional safety inspection or with advice and repairs to upgrade your home to modern standards.

Smoke alarms

In this day and age, having smoke alarms installed is not an option, it's a legal requirement for all residential properties to have a working smoke alarm that complies with industry standards. All smoke alarms need to be tested regularly and must be replaced after 10 years. JSE Electrical can assist you to ensure your property meets regulations.

We partner with the best suppliers so that we are able to deliver the highest quality end products to our clients. We are fully qualified with many years of experience in the electrical industry so you can be sure that your smoke alarms are installed to the industry required standards.

New wiring installations

Complete electrical wiring to new homes, renovations or existing houses & units. JSE Electrical provide home inspections and provide a hassle free quote and offer you unbiased advice on your electrical requirements.


Alterations, additions & repairs 

Needing a power-point moved or replaced? Require a TV aerial point installed? We offer all domestic electrical jobs of all sizes!


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